Ep. 42 Hangin’ with Chris Soriano

In episode 42, the very motivated Chris Soriano drops by to hang out. Listen in as we chat about not taking no for answer, reporting the news, starting a awesome non-profit Clever Talks, conspiracies and much more!

Ep.40 Hangin’ with PJ Busalacchi

In episode 40, friend and general manager of my favorite Italian restaurant, Barbusa, Mr. PJ Busalacchi drops by to hang out. Listen in as we talk about being Sicilian, his family practically created Little Italy in San Diego, realizing that being a sports agent wasn’t the right path and how you just can’t hate on Lebron James.




Ep.39 Hangin’ with Cody Perron

In episode 39, friend author and Marine veteran, Mr. Cody Perron stops by to hang out. List in as we chat about life in the Marines, adventures in Russia and the Bahamas, working for the Diplomatic Security Service, his new business, Fidelis Global Group and his new book, Agents Unknown.




Ep.38 Hangin’ with Matty A

In episode 38, old friend Matt come all the way from the east coast to hang out! Listen in as we chat about recently ditching gluten, being bald, how good cutwater spirits are and wishing he could of seen Michael Jordan play with the flu!

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