Ep.58 Hangin’ with Holly Haines

In episode 58, Chef and author Holly Haines stops by to hang out! Listen in as we talk about her recent trip to New Zealand, different types of butter, the love for cooking, her cookbook How to Eat Your Feelings and new book SIDES !

Ep.51 Hangin’ with Frankie V

In episode 51, friend and Coast 2 Coast radio star Frankie Vizzle stops by to hang out. Listen up as we talk about getting into a life of radio,  hanging with celebrities and getting to do what he loves for a living!

Ep. 50 Hangin’ with Chase Fisher

In episode 50, friend and founder of Blenders eye wear stops by to hang out! Listen in as Chase & I chat about starting anew business. How a simple pair of sunglasses turned into something much bigger, music and much more!

Ep.49 Hangin’ with Huck

In episode 49 adventure man Huck comes on down to hang out! Listen in as we chat about his adventurous life with helicopters, chopping down trees, being and entrepreneur, making wine, raising kids and his newest venture with Wave Rider helicopter tours.

Ep.48 Hangin’ with Josh Nelson

In episode 48, the very funny and talented Josh Nelson drops by to hang out. Listen in as we chat about life in the comedy world,  getting his start as well as creating and  hosting one of the best rooms in San Diego at Reds Comedy Club.

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