Ep.68 Hangin’ with Rich Ohrnberger

In episode 68 neighbor and retired NFL lineman Rich Ohrnberger drops by to hang out. Listen in as we chat about his time playing at Penn state, getting picked up by the Patriots in the NFL draft, turning in the cleats for a career in radio, NFL trades and free agency and much more!

Ep. 64 Hangin’ with Mike Cohen

In episode 64, new friend and cancer survivor Mike Cohen drops by to hangout. Listen is as we talk about his journey battling with cancer, multiple open heart surgeries, a heart transplant biking across the USA, movies and much more!

Ep.63 Hangin with Mo’

In episode 63, old friend and classmate Mo visits California and drops by to hangout. Listen in as we chat about the past ten years from Paramus, Nj all the way to Cali and back. From biotech to living the van life all up and down the west coast to starting and his latest venture Abe’s Meats!

Ep.62 Hangin’ with Nigel

In episode 62 Sailor and workout partner Nigel come over to hangout. Listen in about joining the Navy, living it up in Japan, being extremely enthusiastic about fitness and much more!

Ep.61 Hangin’ with Brett

In this episode good friend Brett comes on over to hang out and kick off this years episodes. Listen in as we talk about putting 2018 in the past, movies, marathons, freeing himself of social media and much more!

Ep. 60 Hangin’ with Aaron Straker

In episode 60, new friend Aaron Straker stops by to hangout. Listen in as we chat about moving from coast to coast, getting ready to leave a job in software, going all in with his new venture in nutrition as well as a new upcoming adventure in Vietnam!

Ep. 59 Hangin with Ashley

In episode 59 mom and  entrepreneur miss Ashely comes by to hangout. Listen in as we chat about starting her new life in San Diego, an unexpected pregnancy and balancing her new business Niche please with mom duties.

Ep.58 Hangin’ with Holly Haines

In episode 58, Chef and author Holly Haines stops by to hang out! Listen in as we talk about her recent trip to New Zealand, different types of butter, the love for cooking, her cookbook How to Eat Your Feelings and new book SIDES !

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