Why I started Hangin’ With Matty D

Why I Started Hangin’ with Matty D

By Matthew Dykes

It was about three years ago when I started to listen to my first podcast, the WODCast Podcast . This podcast focused on Crossfit, weightlifting and the health and fitness industry. After listening for about six months, I thought to myself, “why aren’t I doing this? I love to talk and I can talk about whatever I find interesting and there are no rules”.

After coming to this realization, I did some research, grabbed a buddy and about two weeks later, the What is Fit? podcast was born. On What is Fit? we interviewed pretty well-known athletes and people in the health and fitness industry, discussing only fitness and nutrition. Our motivation to continue started to fade as all the conversations became very similiar.

After What is Fit? ended and weeks went by not podcasting, I realized I needed to fill a void. I thought to myself, “how can I do this and keep it interesting and different each week?”. I looked at some of the other podcasts I listened to and realized for me the answer is to not have a specific topic. By doing so I have created something that is my own and is constantly changing each week. I have a new guests weekly who are completely different from the last; ranging from comedians, bloggers, musicians, restaurant owners and more!  I feel like this is only the start to something but the main thing is I’m having fun with it!

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